Audio & music >> USB Cassette Capture & Player
+ BM003 Portable Cassette Player&Converter
Transfer your cassettes directly to iPhone, iPod,
Mac, or PC
Works with all kinds of cassette tapes, chrome
or normal
Free EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software included
for Mac and PC
+ BM001 Cassette Radio & AM/FM
recording voice by microphone
Keep common tape language repeater function
Mp3 language repeater function
AM FM Radio function
+ BR600 USB Cassette Capure
- Convert Cassette Tapes into MP3 files. use on        
  youriPhone, iPod or burned to CD.
- Powered by batteries or USB power
- Used as walkman, play & record.
- Connect to your hi-fi or other speaker systems
+ BR602 USB Cassette Capure
-Convert Cassette Tapes into MP3 files. use on youriPhone,
   iPod or burned to CD.-Powered by batteries or USB power
-Used as walkman, play & record.
-Connect to your hi-fi or other speaker systems
+ BR609 USB Recording Cable
- Record audio signal from Radio, LP, your PC laptop with digital files(MP3&WMA).
- Edit and transfer to your iPhone, iPod or burn to CD.
- 3.5mm jack/plug to USB date cable.
- Portable design.
- Plug and play for user friendly.
- Transfer your music from cassette or CD Player to your computer.

+ BM002 Boombox
Disc / USB / SD card audio tape transcripts
Super audio and video playback
All teaching disks, USB / SD card and tape
could achieve the following learning function
Contain all the features of DVD video player
It is compatible with standard formats such as
CD discs, MP3/MP4