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Application of ISDB-T standard in Brazil

ISDB-T Terrestrial Digital TV Introduction??

ISDB-T is the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial acronym, known as the world's most advanced digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard, developed by Japan.

ISDB-T can also transmit high-definition "full-seg" and SD "one-seg" TV program, send high-definition and standard definition TV programs using the same transmitter. In Japan, ISDB-T digital terrestrial television broadcasting with MPEG-2 video coding standard (one-seg with H.264 video coding standard) and MPEG4 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding abbreviation) audio coding standard.

In Brazil, ISDB-T digital terrestrial television broadcasting is mainly H.264 video coding standard and MPEG4 AAC audio coding standard.

ISDB-T distribution of the global market

Countries currently applying ISDB-T: Japan, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela,and other South American countries


2003 : ISDB-T service launched ,starting in three major cities in Japan

2006: a nationwide launch in Japan, while actively promoting the world's ISDB-T

2006: in June Brazil decided to use ISDB-T as a national terrestrial digital TV standard

2007 : in December in Sao Paulo, the number contained in the face of digital TV premiere

2008: the Government of Brazil announced that ISDB-T will be extended to all parts of the capital

2009: August, Argentina has adopted ISDB-T standard

2009 : Peru, Venezuela and Chile, respectively, in April, October and December, announced the adoption of the ISDB-T as its terrestrial digital TV broadcasting standard.

The reasons of the success of ISDB-T in South America

ISDB-T generated in the DVB-T, the DVB-T is based on the improvement of multi-carrier come, the available bandwidth (6MHZ) is divided into 13 segments, including some for mobile TV broadcast (mobile television), the other 12 segment with a standard digital television broadcasting. This way, standard digital TV and mobile TV broadcasting to be by a carrier to operate, efficient management convenience.

Standard digital television andn mobile digital TV transmission equipment using the same set with an overlay network and coverage, infrastructure investment savings.

Standard digital TV and mobilen TV in the same frequency to transmit and save the spectrum, to facilitate planning.

From the business point ofn view, the main digital TV, mobile TV supplement. Free mobile TV to watch, you can broadcast many ads to attract users to open digital TV. Complementary digital TV and mobile TV to accelerate the popularity of terrestrial digital television.

Brazil country profile

Capital: Brasilia

Capital: 26

Major Cities: Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo

Currency: Real BRL (1 USD = 1.72080 BRL 1 BRL = 0.581125 USD)

Population: 190,000,000

Per capita GDP: 8220USD (China 3678USD) - 10 years in April data

ISDB-T devices such as ISDB-T USB Stick,ISDB-T PCI-E Card, market forecast average annual growth of 20% of the reason: the national economy and living standards / consumer life And spending habits / IT and electronic products favored by the Chinese channel / population base / ISDB-T products, prices and other factors